White Noise Sleep Pillow Sound App Reviews

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Love it

Easy to use, very useful too


I sleep to the wonderful sound of rain every night if I didn’t have sleep pillow I don’t know what I would do without it.

Not just for sleep

I tried sleep pillow and loved it sleep is so much better!Also when you are mad it’s better than a stress toy!!!!!!


Love this app! I use it in long car rides to help me sleep so I won’t get car sick, or at home if I am having a difficult time falling asleep. My favorite sound is the rain.

Why sleep pillow is amazing

It will make you fall asleep in 3-10 minuets it is also relaxing

Great App

Love this for sleeping

Travel sleep

I have always had a hard time falling asleep when I travel, but not any more. This app is great. I can have the noises time out or keep playing all night. It keeps playing when I lock the phone. The sounds are well designed and unobtrusive; they make for a gentle soundscape to drown out the unfamiliar noises of hotel rooms that would have kept me awake otherwise.

Perfect for kids & travel

I use this both at home and on the road—for myself and for my kids. LOVE IT. I have been using it for over a year and have never had a problem.

So helpful to a new mom

I have a two week old baby boy and he loves sleep pillow. The raindrops and waves are sometimes the only things to calm him down. We were running the shower and taking him into the bathroom to listen to it for a while to calm him down, but sleep pillow has really been a better solution all around. This way we are not wasting water and don’t have to sit on the bathroom floor with him. We can sit comfortably on the couch, listen to the rain or waves, and watch our little guy fall peacefully to sleep. Thank you!!!

I fall asleep in minutes with this app!

I absolutely love this app!! I fall asleep in about 10 minutes when I use it (and it used to take me over an hour), and then I sleep a full night instead of waking up all the time. The sounds in the app are terrific, and there are not too many of them which is great - they just have the best and most effective sounds that work. I also like the images that they put on each sound - my way is to look at the image for about a minute or so while the sound is playing, and then put the phone aside. when I close my eyes, I still have the image of nature in my head and then while listening to the sounds it feels like Im there. my favorites are the different water sounds, those are the ones that make me fall asleep the fastest. I even think that it has improved the quality of my sleep - I sleep really deeply now and have these really realistic good dreams. this app is literally a lifesaver! love it love it love it

Love it

I fell asleep when I put it on so relaxing ?.I say 5 stars

Great free app

Great free app! I wish the beach Sound was a little better and there were a few more free sounds but it does the trick. I especially like the timer and that you can mix sounds.

Love it

Love the fact that I can listen to soothing music for fre.

Calming Sounds

I knew in a noisy city. At night I use these soothing sounds to calm me down and help me doze off. It’s a thoughtful and easy to use . The images are also beautiful. Very well done.


Been using this app for as long as I can remember. I love it

Bought sounds disappear after updates

Every single time an update comes out my sounds that I bought disappear. I hit the restore button but when I go to download again, it doesn’t work. It took forever to find a workaround the last update but now that isn’t working. My advice is don’t buy any sounds because there is no guarantee you will get then back after an update.

Why y’all are the best

This app helps with stress and sleep thanks for making this app

Nice sounds!

Very easy way to relax, I love it!

Indespensible app

I use this app every night to help me sleep. It’s also great while trying to sleep on a plane. Great app!

More songs?

I love this app but some of the songs don’t calm u down or make you go to bed my lil sister loves this app just work on it please

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