White Noise Sleep Pillow Sound App Reviews

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Great app

Great app helps lull you to sleep.

Very relaxing!

Works just as it should.

Sleep rain sounds

It really works for me...!!!!

Great App!!

The rain sound will put you asleep in less than 5 minutes guaranteed!!


Helps me go to sleep. Love it.

Best App Ever!!

On the nights that I just can’t sleep, I will put this app onto my mix. It is the only thing that helps. I absolutely recommend getting Sleep Pillow, and paying for all the sounds. Completely worth it.

Awesome free sounds

It’s great that you don’t have to pay a price to get a variety of sleep sounds. There are more sounds that you can purchase but I have been please with the ones that I currently have especially the crackling fireplace of the thunderstorm...

Best night sleep in a long time

This is a great app; and unique. I never considered adult bedtime stories to help fall asleep until this app. Genius. The free content is great but Im considering purchasing a subscription so I can hear the other stories. Keep it up.

No nights without Sleep Pillow

I started using it to drowned out the tv because my husband likes to fall asleep with it on. After a while the rain and thunder became my favorite and it soothes me to sleep and to stay asleep. One of my top 5 most used free ap!


i love this app and use it to relax before sleep and it helps keep me asleep.


I like the app ok only 2 free pack sounds I’m interested in. I don’t like that EVERY other pack cost $10+ So if I want to mix them up it’s $20+! As well I don’t know what the exact sounds of a pack actually are because no way to try them to listen to exact sounds within a certain pack! I’ve found other apps that give me great choices (Tao 2!) that doesn’t strap my wallet.

Love it

Helps me sleep anywhere


When our daughter was a baby, we always used a sound machine. Well, that meant my wife and I got used to the sound, as well. While traveling, we couldn’t take that machine, so we found this app. It works perfect, and now we can all sleep just as we do at home.


i love this app i don’t know what i would do without it

Clears the mind

This app has helped me clear my mind of the days events, relax and fall to sleep more quickly.

Keeps me sane and asleep!

I like the free version. It has a pretty simple selection, and I use the wind,rain,storm combo every night for just enough white noise to block out the stress of the day and help me get to sleep. If I am feeling anxious or stressed during the day, I sometimes put it on while wearing headphones at my desk to soothe me. I wish I had a few more options in the free version because I just cant afford to upgrade,but if youre looking for a solid and simple white noise app, this is a great one to try.

I like it but...

I really like the app but I wish that the prices to things were cheaper, but overall I like it


Ive used sleep pillow light for over 8 years because it works. The sounds help settle my very busy mind. And my child’s. 4/5 only because the interface changes are a bit to frequent and sometimes the iOS and program do not update at the same time causing glitches/crashing.

So reliable for my babies’ sleep!

We travel a lot and staying in different hotels can be difficult for our children’s sleep. With this app they have the same familiar sounds they have at home without the need for an extra device. It can be playing in the background while you read or work on your iPhone or iPad. Love it!

Does not come with all the sounds advertised

The free version of the app only comes with like 10 sounds. Not even worth the download.

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