White Noise Sleep Pillow Sound App Reviews

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My baby and I fall asleep to the apps sounds every night. I love that I can jump from app to app and the music STILL plays. So convenient!

Blocks out snoring

I love this app! I need to sleep with headphones because my S.O snores SO loud!! This app helps me out so much!

Deleting app;

Do not delete your app. You will loose all your previously purchased tones. You will have to rebuy them at a higher cost than first purchased.


Sorry, feel asleep while I was supposed to write this.

❤️ this App


Great for these reasons and bad for these reasons

1. To get all of the sounds is only twenty dollars and they let u sample the sounds first 2. There is a timer that turns off the noise for whe. U sleep, also u can use it while the device is off or is in a other app 3. The best and most popular sounds are already free and they are great. 4. Before I got the free version I used the massage one combined with the ticking noise (volumes adjusted) with a exercise ball sometimes. Doing that allowed me to concentrate and dose t distract me at all! These are my complaints 1. The timer only goes to fifteen min unless u want one hour and fifteen min, it takes me about thirty min to fall asleep and I dont wanna drain the battery 2. They dont have a seven day free trial for premium and its not clear how to buy it Otherwise I luv this app ???????????????

Works like a charm.

Every time I can’t sleep, I set the whale noises on the 15 minute timer and next thing I know, I’m waking up the next morning. Awesome.

Love it! Help the battery life?

Great app - use it almost daily for sleep or background work noise. Excellent sound banks and love the ability to create saved mixes of sounds. (I paid the $10 to unlock everything or whatever it is now). My only wish is that it wouldn’t drain the battery as much - one of the higher drain apps I’ve used.

Thunder to sleep

I mostly use the storm to sleep. It has enough variety. I find with certain loops I find the pattern and my mind starts focusing on that and not relaxing.

Great app for sleeping

Great for sleeping

Where is the Baby Pillow app of yours?

Is this the latest version of baby pillow? I had the app with me since 2012, and when i have my own family I informed my hubby about the app and when we got pregnant I used to play it with our baby. Please bring it back... I like the old version much better. I have changed my device and sadly the old app is gone.

Great app

My son and I uses this app a lot when its hard to get to sleep.

Love it

Its an awesome app lots of noises to choice from

I dont really like this app

I can only do 1 sound for mixing the other sounds.

Great app!


Great way to fall a sleep

As the CEO of Beef&Co clothing line I find it hard to sleep. And with these peaceful sounds they help me pass out and fast!! Great app

Sonic ambien

I’ve been using this apps water sounds for years and highly recommend it for use when sleeping in hotels and other strange environs.


Wonderful app! I love the calming sounds to go to sleep to.

Best app ever❤️

I have to have some kind of sound like either white noise or water fall or rain to be able to sleep. I’m using this app on my phone at home or when I’m traveling. I’m extremely happy with it( so as my husband!!).

This app is amazing

This app helps drown out my surroundings and fall asleep I highly recommend this if I were you I’d hit the download button NOW

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