White Noise Sleep Pillow Sound App Reviews

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La mejor


Great app!

Use it almost every night!

Awesome companion in quiet room

Use it in every hotel room Sleep Like a Baby


Works everytime for my four year old grandaughter

Makes you sleep better

The “rain” setting puts me to sleep and I sleep more soundly. I also dream more vividly.

Great for babies

Have this app on both iPads and love it. It has helped my kids sleep. I especially like the gentle fade out when using the timer, I have a different app on my droid phone and wake up when that that white noise stops.

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Favorite app when away from home

Works great

Weve been using this app for years, so helpful in getting our babies to sleep!

Sweet sleep

Really great app. Sweet sleep.

Love this app

Simple and works great. I use it every night and whenever I travel.

The best sound app out there

I loved it that you could mix the sounds i mixed fire, thunderstorms, and whales.I thought that was amazing and you can not get that eny were else!!!!!

Stays on with YouTube

Works in the background while listening to other things.

The Best

This is the best. There are so many sounds that can be used either by themselves or combined together. Being lulled to sleep helps a lot. It helps to put a stop to those thoughts that wont go away to go away. Also, when one is over tired, this app quiets and soothes the mind and body so one can fall asleep peacefully.


I use this app every day. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping and the sounds really soothes me.

Cant sleep without it

Life changing



App ruined

I have been using this app for years abut this release ruined its use. They removed the white noise and rain noise mixes I used. I can’t find them to rebuild the mis or use white noise alone. The app only works in landscape. I have deleted it and won’t use it.

Great sounds

My 5 year old daughter loves it for bedtime...

I sleep like a baby

Great app! I used to have problems sleeping at night. With this app I no longer have that problem and I really dont need to purchase the extra sounds. It may not work for everybody but, it works for me.

Great app

Ive been using the app for years now and cant sleep without it. When I fly I put in my ear buds and goto sleep with my rain drops.

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